Multi-air conditioner



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To detect temperature change in operation without receiving influence of room temperature to surely perform erroneous wiring check.SOLUTION: An outdoor unit and a plurality of indoor units B1-B4 are connected with piping and wiring. A multi-air conditioner includes: a control part 10 performing heating operation for checking erroneous wiring; a heat exchanger temperature sensor 12 detecting a temperature of a refrigerant of two phases of a gas and liquid in heating operation; and a liquid pipe temperature sensor 11 detecting the temperature of the refrigerant of a liquid phase, and expansion valves A1-A4 in each indoor unit are provided respectively. The control part 10 performs heating operation, the expansion valves A1-A4 are opened one by one, indoor units B1-B4 corresponding to the open expansion valves A1-A4 are determined on the basis of a temperature difference between a liquid pipe temperature in each indoor unit B1-B4 and a heat exchanger temperature, and all the expansion valves 4 and the indoor units B1-B4 correspond to each other.
【課題】室温の影響を受けずに運転時の温度変化を検出して、確実に誤配線チェックを行えるようにする。 【解決手段】室外機と複数の室内機B1〜B4とが配管および配線により接続される。誤配線をチェックするために暖房運転を行う制御部10と、暖房運転時の気液2相の冷媒の温度を検出する熱交換器温度センサ12と、液相の冷媒の温度を検出する液管温度センサ11とを備え、室内機毎に膨張弁A1〜A4がそれぞれ設けられる。制御部10は、暖房運転を行い、膨張弁A1〜A4を1つずつ開き、各室内機B1〜B4における液管温度と熱交換器温度との温度差に基づいて、開いている膨張弁A1〜A4に対応する室内機B1〜B4を決定し、全ての膨張弁4と室内機B1〜B4とを対応付ける。 【選択図】図1




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