Pattern forming method and resist composition



【解決手段】3方向以上にポリマー鎖が伸びた分岐ポリマーと、必要によって酸発生剤とを含むレジスト組成物を基板上に塗布してレジスト膜を形成し、加熱処理後に高エネルギー線で上記レジスト膜の所用部分を露光し、加熱処理後に有機溶剤による現像液を用いて未露光部を溶解させ、露光部が溶解しないネガ型パターンを得るパターン形成方法。 【効果】本発明のレジスト組成物を用いたパターン形成方法によれば、有機溶剤現像のネガパターン形成において現像液溶解性が向上することによって高い溶解コントラストを得ることができる。有機溶剤現像液中での膨潤の発生もないためにパターンの倒れやブリッジ欠陥の発生もない。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a resist composition having a high dissolution contrast and also having high sensitivity in organic solvent development, and to provide a pattern forming method capable of forming a hole pattern and a trench pattern by positive-negative reversion by development with an organic solvent.SOLUTION: In the pattern forming method, a resist composition comprising a branched polymer in which polymer chains are stretched to three or more directions and, if required, comprising an acid generator is applied to the surface of a substrate to form a resist film, after heat treatment, the required part of the resist film is exposed with a high energy line, and, after heat treatment, an unexposed part is dissolved using an organic solvent as a developer, and a negative type pattern in which the exposed part is not dissolved is obtained. According to the pattern forming method using the resist composition, by the improvement of the solubility of a developer in the formation of the negative pattern of organic solvent development, a high dissolution contrast can be obtained. Since there is no generation of swelling in an organic solvent developer, there is no generation of the collapse of a pattern and a bridge defect.




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