Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same



【課題】集積度及び信頼性を向上させた3次元半導体メモリ装置及びその製造方法を提供する。 【解決手段】本発明の3次元半導体メモリ装置は、基板上に積層された絶縁膜と、隣接する絶縁膜の間に介在するゲート電極を含む複数の水平構造体と、絶縁膜及び水平構造体を貫通する半導体柱を含む複数の垂直構造体と、基板と垂直構造体との各々の間に介在するエピタキシァルパターンと、を有し、エピタキシァルパターンの最小幅は、垂直構造体の幅より小さい。 【選択図】図14
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a three-dimensional semiconductor memory device with improved integration density and improved reliability, and to provide a method of manufacturing the same.SOLUTION: A three-dimensional semiconductor memory device of the present invention includes: insulating films stacked on a substrate; a plurality of horizontal structures each including a gate electrode interposed between the adjacent insulating films; a plurality of vertical structures each including a semiconductor pillar penetrating through the insulating films and the horizontal structures; and epitaxial patterns interposed between the substrate and each of the vertical structures. The minimum width of each epitaxial pattern is smaller than the width of each vertical structure.




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