Piping unit, piping structure and drainage system



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a piping unit, by which a high drainage function or conveyance performance of a fluidized material is obtained, and which can prevent reduction of seal water even when it is installed in a narrow floor space, piping structure and a drainage system.SOLUTION: In a piping unit A comprising: a straight pipe part 36 of which the flow channel is formed in the vertical direction to make drainage water 22 flow down; and a curved pipe part 35 which is connected to a downstream side of the straight pipe part 36 to change the flow channel of the drainage water 22 from the vertical direction to the horizontal direction, an inner peripheral surface of the curved pipe part 35 which receives the drainage water flowing down the straight pipe part 36 is made into a flow channel changing part forming a bent surface 23a, a protrusion 26 having a rectification surface 26p for regulating flow down of the drainage water 22 in a vertical lower direction and directing flow is spirally provided along the inner peripheral surface of the straight pipe part 36 at an upper part of the flow channel changing part, and an end 26b of the spirally extending protrusion 26 or a virtual extension line further spirally extending from the end 26b is formed so as to extend on the bent surface 23a of the flow channel changing part.
【課題】狭い床空間に設置した場合にも、高い排水機能ないし流動物の搬送性能が得られ、封水の減少を防止し得る配管ユニット、配管構造及び排水システムを提供する。 【解決手段】流路が上下方向に形成され、排水22を流下させる直管部36と、この直管部36の下流側に接続され、排水22の流路を前記上下方向から水平方向に変更させる曲管部35とを備えた配管ユニットAにおいて、直管部36を流下する排水を受ける曲管部35の内周面は、湾曲面23aをなす流路変更部とされ、この流路変更部の上方には、排水22の鉛直下方への流下を規制し流れを方向付けする整流面26pを有する突条26が直管部36の内周面に沿って螺旋状に設けられ、この螺旋状に延びる突条26の終端26b又は終端26bから更に螺旋状に延びる仮想延長線は、流路変更部の湾曲面23a上に延びるように形成されていることを特徴とする。 【選択図】図5




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