Entrance/exit management apparatus and entrance/exit management method



【課題】入場時及び退場時の顔撮像時における認証対象者の抵抗感や拒否感を低減しつつ、第三者の成りすましをいかに効率良く防止すること。 【解決手段】対象者を異なる角度から映す複数の鏡101a及び鏡101bをカメラ11の撮像範囲内に設置し、鏡101a及び鏡101bに形成された反射正面像及び反射側面像を参照画像と比較して入場及び/又は退場の可否を判定する。また、退館者Poが通過する位置をカメラ11の撮像範囲にさらに含み、退館者Poの直射正面像を認証することで、入館と退館を管理する。 【選択図】図2
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To efficiently prevent impersonation by a third person, while reducing a feeling of resistance and a feeling of refusal of an authenticated person in face imaging at the time of entrance or exit.SOLUTION: An entrance/exit management apparatus has a plurality of mirrors 101a and 101b in which an object person is reflected from different angles installed within an imaging range of a camera 11, and determines whether to permit entrance and/or exit or not by comparing a reflected front image and a reflected side image formed in the mirrors 101a and 101b with a reference image. The apparatus also includes a position through which an exit person Po passes within the imaging range of the camera 11, and manages entrance and exit by authenticating a direct projection front image of the exit person Po.




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