Friction stir welding method



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a friction stir welding method in which good welding can be performed easily even in a case that a work-piece has thickness variation.SOLUTION: A friction-stir tool includes a first shoulder face contacting a work-piece, a second shoulder face which is arranged to face the first shoulder face and contacts the rear surface of the work-piece, a shank part which fixes the spacing between the first shoulder face and the second shoulder face and connects them, and a groove part which is formed at least at one of the first shoulder face and the second shoulder face and, in the first shoulder face or the second shoulder face, extends to the tool rotation direction forward side as proceeding to the outer peripheral side and opens at the outer peripheral side edge, and applies friction stir welding to the work-piece by rotating around the axis line of the shank part in a specified tool rotating direction. A friction stir welding method comprises the steps for determining the minimum allowable dimension of the work-piece thickness and applying friction stir welding to the work-piece, by using the friction-stir tool.
【課題】ワークに板厚変動が生じた場合であっても良好な接合を容易に行うことのできる摩擦攪拌接合方法を提供する。 【解決手段】ワークに当接される第一ショルダ面と、該第一ショルダ面と対向配置されてワークの裏面に当接される第二ショルダ面と、第一ショルダ面及び第二ショルダ面の間隔を固定して連結する軸部と、第一ショルダ面及び第二ショルダ面の少なくとも一方に形成され、第一ショルダ面または第二ショルダ面において外周側に向かうに従って工具回転方向前方側に延びて外周側端縁に開口する溝部とを有し、該軸部の軸線回りの所定の工具回転方向に回転されることでワークに対して摩擦攪拌接合を施す摩擦攪拌工具を使用し、ワーク厚みの最小許容寸法を決定する工程と、ワークを摩擦攪拌接合する工程と、を備える摩擦攪拌接合方法。 【選択図】図2




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