Flow rate adjusting nozzle of water turbine for hydraulic power generation



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make a structure simple and reduce cost by employing a nozzle that has no movable part as flow rate adjusting means of a water turbine for hydraulic power generation.SOLUTION: A nozzle 4 is disposed detachably inside an inlet pipe 2 of a cross-flow water turbine, in which a runner 3 is disposed on a distal discharging part of the inlet pipe 2 that introduces water transmitted through a water pressure pipe path, a center shaft of the runner 3 crossing a direction of water flow. The nozzle 4 is formed to have a quadrilateral cross-section and has a discharging part that has a smaller cross-section than that of the distal discharging part of the inlet pipe 2 at its distal end. A distal end of an upper face plate of the nozzle 4 is longer then a distal end of a lower face plate thereof so that the upper face plate extends to the vicinity of an outer circumference of the runner 3. Also, with the extending part of the upper face plate bended toward a direction away from the runner 3 to increase the area in which vanes of the runner 3 receive water, efficiency of the water turbine is further improved.
【課題】 水力発電用水車の流量調整手段として、可動部分のないノズルを採用することにより、構造が簡単でコストがあまり掛からないようにする。 【解決手段】 水圧管路を通して送られてくる水を導入する入口管2の先端吐出部に、水流方向と軸心を交差させてランナ3を設けたクロスフロー水車の、前記入口管2の内部に着脱自在にノズル4を設ける。ノズル4は、断面四角形に形成されており、先端に、前記入口管2の先端吐出部より小断面の吐出部を有し、上面板の先端を下面板の先端より長くしてランナ3の外周直近まで延伸させる。また、上面板の延伸部分を、ランナ3から離れる方向に屈曲させて、ランナ3の羽根に水が当たる面積を広くすれば、水車の効率がさらに向上する。 【選択図】 図1




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